images (1)Liver is the largest gland in our body. Liver purifies the blood from toxic substances. It helps to maintain good health system. Vitamins and minerals are stored in liver cells which keeps the body healthy at all times. The glucose levels inside human body are balanced by the liver cells. It also built necessary hormones required to the human body.

Hepatitis affects the liver system in our body. It does not show any symptoms in advance. As such, a patient cannot realize when this disease is infected. Since the symptoms are not shown, the patient will not go for any sort of medical checkup. The person diagnosed with Hepatitis will show symptoms like fever, muscle ache, joint ailments and jaundice. One feel unusual tiredness and fatigue to have complete bed rest.

There are several types of Hepatitis like Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E respectively. Each of these contaminates the blood cells by contact with people. When the environment is not clean and lack sanitation, it causes harmful bacteria and virus to spread. These harmful germs can be a cause for effecting Hepatitis. Having unsafe sex, sharing used needles, unhygienic blood transfusion are some other reasons to cause infection.

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Rehab Treatments – A Comprehensive know-how

downloadOne of the most serious problems being faced across the globe is addiction. This is not in specific to a particular element found in the society but are of different types like heroin, alcohol, cocaine, bath salts, Kratom, spice like marijuana, salvia, on prescriptionto name a few. These, if consumed, are quite addictive in nature and make one’s life very difficult to live without consuming it. The aftereffects of consuming these are quite hazardous; nevertheless, the world is witnessing a sudden explosion of these in the market and society. To rule this out and provide an individual a free and new life, there are many centers that provide the first line of treatment.

How to Treat an Addiction

Right from counseling to bringing about varied changes in the life of an individual, addiction or a habitual system in an individual can be treated in many ways.However, if the individual has the knowledge and understanding to quit along with a strong determination, then the rehab programs become a hit automatically. Counseling also forms a major part of this rehab treatment. A good counseling session helps the abused to gain a comprehensive idea of the dangers associated with the consumption and will be able to lead a new life, however, with -

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imagesBreast cancer is a common disease found among women in the new generation. Due to modern lifestyle and better standard of living, the importance of seeking conventional way of eating habits has decreased. This has led to increased health disorders in people. Diagnosis of breast cancer leads to removing the infected breast or removing the harmful cells by powerful medicines.

This is an obstructive medical ailment where the ducts inside the breast are infected by cancer viruses. Once it is infected, the cells start growing at abnormal pace. Various stages of breast cancer are present. One doesn’t know how chronic the breast cancer is unless a preliminary examination of the breast cells is done. Commonly known as ductal cancer malignancy, cancer cells start developing inside the nerves of breast tissues. These are small hoses that carry milk from lobules.

A non-invasive breast cancer is formed at a small part inside the breast. This is a pre-cancerous stage where early diagnosis of cancer cells can be completely cured. As the abnormal growth is identified, proper medication can kill the harmful tissues preventing from chronic cancer. When the cancer cells surpass ducts to spread across lymph nodes, it is known as invasive breast cancer.

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